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Law firm for medical liability law in Vienna Your lawyer with extensive experience

Legal advice and legal representation in case of incorrect treatment

Every person will be affected by topics such as medicine, which is why, in addition to medical law, medical liability law is also an area of great importance. Like any other area of law, medical liability law also requires a lot of specialist knowledge from the lawyer. Our expertise lies in advising patients and representing them before all Austrian courts, if this is necessary. Trust Ulrike Pöchinger (Master of Law) from Vienna in Firmenstadt.

What does the term medical liability law mean?

Austria has an excellent healthcare system. Nevertheless, treatment errors can happen! This is where the doctor's liability comes into play, which is based on Austrian civil law and the Patient Charter. It deals with faulty treatments, insufficient patient education and claims for possible damages.

Important aspects of medical liability are:

  • Malpractice
  • Violation of the duty to provide information
  • Presentation of the burden of proof
  • Causality
  • Statute of limitations

Within the framework of medical liability law, we examine your claims in detail and, if necessary, represent you in court or out of court. Let us advise you!

What does the term medical liability law mean?

Our law firm is often visited by clients who have become victims of medical malpractice. This means that the doctor did not treat the patient properly and this led to permanent physical and psychological damage to the patient. People often cannot help themselves and do not know how to legally defend themselves against it. Our goal is to prove the error by an expert opinion and to demand appropriate compensation from the person responsible. We are at your side at all times.

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