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Lawyer for prenuptial agreements in ViennaSettle your finances at an early stage

Your lawyer in the field of family law offers comprehensive advice and represents you in court.

It may seem unimaginable at the beginning of a romantic relationship, but unfortunately, great love doesn't last forever. If partners who are married want to divorce, it can quickly become an expensive affair. For this reason, it is recommended to agree to a prenuptial agreement with a family law specialist before getting married, even if it may sound unromantic to many.

Our law firm in Vienna offers a comprehensive range of counselling services to help you take this important step. We draw up the marriage contract, which only needs to be signed by the future spouses.

What you should know about the prenuptial agreement

Below we answer some of the questions that our clients often ask us:

What does a prenuptial agreement cost?

Costs are charged for counselling and notarization. Please contact us for information about the fee.

What needs to be considered in a prenuptial agreement?

Contents include spousal support, equalisation of gains, pension equalisation, division of household effects, inheritance law and rights of access.

When is a prenuptial agreement useful?

A prenuptial agreement offers the opportunity to organise the financial aspects of a marriage, such as spousal maintenance and pensions, according to personal preferences before the marriage. Please note that only a notary may draw up the contract.

What needs to be considered when it comes to maintenance?

A marriage contract can regulate the type or amount of maintenance to be paid to the spouse in the event of divorce. It can even state that no maintenance is to be paid to the ex-partner.

How long is a prenuptial agreement valid?

The contract is valid for the entire duration of the marriage.

What is the separation of property?

In a separation of property agreement, each spouse retains their assets and manages them themselves.

If you would like us to draw up a prenuptial agreement for you, we look forward to hearing from you! Arrange an appointment with our law firm today.

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