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Lawyer for divorce in Vienna Experienced and competent

Your lawyer offers comprehensive advice and representation in divorce matters

Divorce can be a difficult time for everyone. In such an exceptional situation, it is important to turn to a qualified lawyer. As soon as you have decided to divorce, contact our law firm in Vienna for comprehensive legal advice and representation in court if necessary. It is necessary to have a lawyer present as a representative at the court dealing with the divorce.

Divorce and maintenance

In a divorce, the issue of maintenance is of great importance. In principle, parents are obliged to pay maintenance to their children if they are unable to support themselves.

In a divorce, the former partners generally have to provide for their income. However, there are exceptions; for example, if the children go to school or university. In such cases, one party may be able to pay maintenance to the other, for example, if the other party is caring for young children or is unable to work due to illness.

In the section below we will answer some common questions asked by our clients: 

What does a lawyer do in case of a divorce?

The lawyer ensures that everything goes according to the client's wishes and acts as a trusted counsellor in all matters.

When should a lawyer be called in?

We accompany you throughout the entire divorce process and offer you needs-based advice on all matters.

What documents are required?

You must submit the following documents to the family court: the power of attorney, marriage contract, family register or marriage certificate, birth certificate of the children, identity card, forms for pension equalisation, evidence of personal finances (if legal aid is applied for), a certified copy of the notarised divorce settlement agreement (if available).

Who pays for the lawyer in a divorce?

Each party must bear the costs of their divorce lawyer and pay half of the court fees.

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