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Child and spousal maintenance

A divorce is more than just an emotional event – it also involves a financial change, especially when children are involved. In order to provide you with the best possible support in this challenge, we recommend that you consult Ulrike Pöchinger in Vienna as an experienced and reliable lawyer in maintenance law. This is mandatory before the family courts.

The most important facts about maintenance

What is maintenance and who is entitled to maintenance?

The law defines different types of maintenance:

Maintenance for biological children

  • Maintenance for the former partner
  • Maintenance for your own parents

People who are unable to finance their own living expenses are entitled to maintenance. Children are entitled to maintenance if they cannot or are not allowed to be gainfully employed themselves – for example because they are attending school or studying.

The other parent is entitled to maintenance if they are unable to return to the labour market for health reasons or to care for young children.

How is maintenance calculated?

Maintenance is calculated in accordance with the statutory regulations and depends on various factors such as income, assets and living circumstances.

Are divorced people entitled to maintenance?

After separation, both parties are responsible for their own living expenses. However, there are certain exceptional cases, such as caring for young children, illness or other matters that prevent gainful employment.

Are unmarried people entitled to maintenance?

Unless the couple were married, maintenance can only be awarded to one party if they are caring for young children together.

Make an appointment now with your maintenance lawyer for detailed legal advice.

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