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Trustworthy support in challenging life situations.

Most people wish for a love that lasts a lifetime, but unfortunately, the reality is often different. Couples who were once so deeply committed to each other suddenly go their separate ways. Many then decide to divorce and have to turn to a divorce lawyer.

Ulrike Pöchinger (Master of Law) in Vienna is here to support you in all aspects of family law and is available to answer any questions you may have. We offer comprehensive legal advice and represent your interests in court if an out-of-court settlement is not possible. An amicable solution is of course always the desired solution.

What is family law and matrimonial law?

Family law is a part of civil law and deals with all legal regulations arising from relationships between spouses, life partners, family members and relatives. One particular area of family law is matrimonial law, which focuses on marriage, the marriage ceremony, divorce and the associated consequences. This includes, in particular, maintenance law and custody of joint children. As specialists in family and matrimonial law, we advise and represent you in all relevant areas.

What does a family law lawyer cost?

The costs for an initial consultation/advice in the area of family law vary and depend on the scope and complexity of the case. We will be happy to take the time to provide you with a personalised quote for the costs involved.

Our law firm is here for you!

We use our many years of expertise and our in-depth knowledge, which is always up to date with the latest case law, to offer you the best possible advice. Get in touch with us – by phone, email or via our contact form – and tell us about your conflict.

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