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Mag. Ulrike Pöchinger, Advocate (Attorney) and Criminal Defense Lawyer in 1010 Vienna. I am an expert in alien- and residential law providing individual legal advise in: 

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Important Information Provided by Your Lawyer for a Visa for Austria

Any fordeigner who underlies the passport obligation when entering or staying in Austria is generally required to have a visa.

Uniform Visa (Visa C)

This Visa entitles you to a 3 month stay in Austria and all Schengen countries, therefore it is also called “Schengen visa” or “tourist visa”.

The stay can be three months maximum in a period of six months. The sum of multiple stays must not exceed these three months in a six month period, whereas your initial entry is relevant. The visa must generally be requested in your home country, where biometrical identification features such as photos and fingerprints will be taken.

The visa is only granted, if the following requirements are fulfilled:

  • Valid travel document
  • Health insurance, which must cover costs within the Schengen area for medical care and home transport. The minimum insured sum must be € 30,000
  • Sufficient financial means to secure stay, departure and accommodation
  • Secured departure; in practice the authorities ask for proof of family, social and economic ties (address, workplace and income) and a valid return ticket
  • Positive risk assessment. Every request must be based on a reason for traveling to Austria, the authorities check the plausibility or if the risk of an illegal immigration is valid.
  • No danger to public order or safety
  • No SIS alert
  • The person requesting the entry must not be on alert in the Schengen Information System 


Visa D Residence Visa (Visa for a long-term stay)

Contrary to the uniform visa, the visa D is limited to Austria, therefore it is also called “national visa”. It permits the stay within Schengen for three months and within Austria for 6 months and is therefore the visa with the longest validity.

A visa D is granted for the following purposes:

  • Visa for a long-term stay; there is no legal reason for granting a visa D, the sole wish to stay in Austria longer will not suffice. It is granted for courses or studies, which do not exceed six months.
  • Visa for humanitarian reasons
  • Visa for severe special circumstances
  • Visa for acquisitions
  • Visa to issue resident permit for people who need a visa to enter the country in order to pick up their resident permit
  • Visa taking into account the family procedure as in asylum law
  • Visa for re-entry

Visa Issue Procedure

A visa must be requested at the Austrian embassy or consulate in your home or country of current residence. The visa can only be requested at an Austrian embassy or consulate, if the predominant destination is Austria.

The request can be submitted at the earliest three months before the departure. The request must be granted or rejected within fifteen to sixty days.

The fee must be paid in advance and will not be refunded in case of rejection. The cost for a universal visa is € 60 and for a visa D € 150.


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Mag. Ulrike Pöchinger

Mag. Ulrike Pöchinger, Advocate (Attorney) and Criminal Defense Lawyer in 1010 Vienna. I am an expert in alien law serving you with empathy. 


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